Milad Hospital

Milad Hospital


Milad Hospital is the largest specialized and subspecialized hospital in Iran. This hospital is a complementary health service provider in Iran’s Social Security organization (SSO) chain of hospitals. Milad hospital currently employs more than 600 specialists and subspecialists of various fields.

The project was later restarted in 1988 with some changes in the original design. It began serving patients in 2001. This 12 floors structure is part of the Milad complex, which also includes Milad Tower and Milad hotel.

Facilities Milad hospital has 1000 licensed beds, 24 surgery rooms, 20 pre-surgery and 20 post-surgery care beds. Milad hospital also provides Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) units, in addition to CCU, dentistry and various labs. The hospital also includes general service sections for patients and visitors, including 430 seat and 190 seat conference centers, two 120 seat classrooms, pharmacy, child day care and restaurant. The building consists of three wings, and one central tower connecting these three wings. This complex is located next to Milad Tower on the junction of Hemmat and Chamran Expressways.


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